Slab Leak Detection
in the San Fernando Valley

Slab Detection San Fernando Valley
You have a water leak that’s making your water bill skyrocket.
Maybe it’s even causing wet spots, water damage or mold growth.

You already know water leaks can damage and ruin walls, ceilings, floors, closets, cabinets or carpets.

Now you need a plumber that can quickly and correctly fix the water leak.

How our water leak detection and water leak repair solutions help you find and fix costly water leaks.

Water leaks can happen when pipes wear out (corrosion), or when incorrectly installed water lines have faulty joints between pipes.

Incorrectly welded or loose joints let water escape and can cause a lot of water damage.

If you see signs of a water leak and you want to minimize repair damages, you would really benefit from a water leak detection service.

We’re trained technicians that can help you locate and pinpoint leaks using professional sound and radar equipment.

After locating the water leak we can repair what’s necessary. This can include repairing the existing pipe with new copper pipe or plastic pipe.

We know you want a water leak repair or a repipe that’s going to last a long time.

We’ve combined quality materials with professional workmanship to get you the results you want.

Why we know you’ll be happy
with our service.

Experienced To Correctly Find and Repair Water Leaks

Our plumbers are licensed by California and trained to diagnose what’s wrong and then provide the correct solution.

Fair and Honest Up Front Pricing

There are no surprises. We tell you the price before we begin work because we want you to have peace of mind when dealing with us.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

We only employ honest, friendly and experienced plumbers that can provide you with the highest level of service. You won’t regret choosing Whyte Plumbing.