Water Heater Repair & Installation
in the San Fernando Valley

You have a water heater that’s just not working the way it should.

Maybe you’re experiencing one of the many common water heater problems.

(This can include not enough hot water or no hot water, yellow or nasty water, rusty water heater, leaking water heater or noisy water heater.)

Whatever the problem, we know you need clean hot water and you want it fixed immediately.

How our water heater solutions give you the hot water you need.

Since tank water heaters are always on, they have a greater chance of failure. Specially if they’re not maintained or serviced for many years.

If you’re having water heater trouble, we have water heater trained technicians that can diagnose exactly what’s wrong and then repair it.

If it’s a rusty water heater or a water heater that can’t be repaired then we can install a Bradford White quality water heater.

Why we know you’ll be happy
with our service.

Quick On Time Service

We understand having access to hot water is vital to your everyday life. That’s why you can call our emergency number at 818-402-5311. We provide you with quick on time service to restore your access to clean hot water.

Up Front Pricing

With Whyte Plumbing you don’t need to worry about being ripped off. You’ll get the full price before we start.

Quality Workmanship Backed By A Lifetime Guarantee

We are professional plumbers that are licensed and bonded. When you call us for water heater repair or water heater installation we will make sure you get the results you want.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are courteous and easy to deal with plumbers that do what it takes to give you the highest level of service. Our water heater installations, repairs and maintenance services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.