Tankless Water Heater Installation
in the San Fernando Valley

tankless water heater installation
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You have a water heater that’s just not meeting your needs. Maybe it’s leaking or corroding. Or maybe you’re just not getting enough hot water.

Either way, you a need water heater that can provide you with the hot water you need.

How a tankless water heater provides you with a constant stream of hot water that never runs out

A tankless water heater doesn’t run out of hot water because it doesn’t store water in a tank. Instead it heats water as you need it.

When you turn on a hot water tap, the tankless water heater uses a sensor and computer to ignite a burner.

Water then flows through a heater exchanger that heats the water to a designated temperature.

Hot water then flows out of the tankless water heater at a constant flow until the tap is turned off.

A properly sized water heater provides on demand hot water faster than you can use it.

This means you’ll never run out of hot water in middle of a shower.


How a tankless water heater saves you money on your gas bill.

How a tankless works
A tank water heater uses gas to heat water 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Even when you’re asleep it uses gas.

Tankless water heaters use a computer to ignite and use gas only when hot water is being used.

This means you receive instant savings on your gas bill.


Plus an Additional $150-$200 Dollars Off with a Gas Company Rebate.

We make sure you get the rebates you deserve. After installation we will show you how to get up to $200 dollars back with a So Cal Gas Rebate.

What can you do with the extra space?

Unlike tank water heaters, a tankless water heater doesn’t use a bulky tank.

It’s the size of a microwave and fits almost anywhere (hanged on a wall or inside a closet).

Size of an average tankless water heater:(2-3 B
athrooms)Width: 8.5 InchesLength: 13.8 InchesHeight: 20.5 Inches

Weight: 40 Lbs

Size of an average water heater:(2-3 Bathrooms)Width: 19 InchesLength: 19 InchesHeight: 60 Inches

Weight: 130 Lbs

2X longer life expectancy than tank water heaters.

A typical tank water heater can go bad and stop producin

g the results you want after only 10 years of use. And a lot sooner if it’s not installed correctly or maintained.

Tankless water heaters are made to last 20 years. They last longer and wear out slower because they don’t store water in a tank.

Storing water speeds up corrosion and break down.

How to Choose the Correct Installation Service

You want the biggest return on your hard earned money. Follow these guidelines to make sure you get a quality install.

  • Authorized Installer Certified by the ManufacturerTankless water heater manufacturers provide training classes that teach plumbers how to correctly install a tankl
    ess water heater. When you choose an installer make sure they’re authorized by the manufacturers.
  • Licensed and Bonded in CaliforniaGetting a good install requires knowledge of water and gas systems. California requires that installers be licensed and bonded to ensure you get a quality install.
  • Experience and a Good ReputationSomeone with experience installing tankless water heaters can answer any questions and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Why we know you’ll be happy
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We are manufacturer certified installers of Takagi, Noritz, Rinnai and Rheem. We make sure everything is installed correctly and to California code.

We’ve installed over 3500 units in the last 15 years and our units are still going strong.

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