Drain Cleaning & Rooter Service
in the San Fernando Valley

drain cleaning San Fernando valley
Slow and backed up drains are disgusting and unsanitary.

They disrupt your schedule and can even make it impossible to feel clean and comfortable.

We understand you don’t want to waste time.

You need a plumber in the San Fernando Valley with the correct equipment that’s honest, fair and can get you the results you want.

How our drain cleaning solutions in the San Fernando Valley can keep your drains cleared and clog free.

It’s true, we have the equipment and experience to diagnose any drain problem and we can also clear the toughest blockages including roots, grease, mud and anything in between.

Our solutions include:

Professional Snake Drain Cleaning in the San Fernando Valley

It’s a heavy duty machine with a metal cable. (Also known as a drain auger.)

The metal cable is inserted into the drain and pushed against the blockage until the debris is cleared and all the water dissipates from your main sewer line and out onto the city sewer line.

This solution is the most cost effective and works great to unplug bigger blockages like food, sanitary wipes and hair but DOES NOT remove grease, fats, dirt, or mud. Hydro jetting works best for that.

Mechanical snaking works best to push through solids that get stuck in a drain.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning in the San Fernando Valley

drain cleaning san fernando valley
Hydro jetting is breakthrough technology that’s also our most powerful drain cleaning solution.

It’s a machine that uses a heavy duty hose that blasts water at high pressures through a special hydro jetter tip.

This high pressure tip is inserted into the drain to remove dirt, fats grease and roots.

This is the equivalent of scrubbing your sewer and drain with a sponge and gives you the best results any professional equipment can give you.

  • Portable Hydro jetting in the San Fernando Valley:
    If you have a smaller property, our smaller machine provides you with an affordable option to receive top grade drain cleaning service.

    This machine pumps 4 gallons of water per minute to remove blockages in your drains.

  • Trailer Hydro jetting in the San Fernando Valley:
    This is our biggest and baddest drain cleaner. With pressure of up to 4000 PSI at 16 gallons of water per minute this machine gets results.

    It’s used for medium to large sized homes, commercial buildings and apartments.

Why we know you’ll be happy with our service.

Quickly Diagnose Any Sewer Problem and Unclog Any Drain

We carry cutting edge equipment, when combined with our 36 years of sewer and drain expertise, we can quickly and effectively diagnose and unclog any sewer line and drain.

Clean And Professional

We are professionals that value your health and understand that dealing with sewer and drains is unsanitary. This is why we clean up after ourselves. So you won’t have to.

Fair, Affordable and Full Price Up Front

You’ll know the full price before we start restoring your drains. This means you’ll get your drains working again without sacrificing your peace of mind.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are knowledgeable, friendly plumbers that deliver reliable results, and we always make sure you’re happy with the level of service you receive.